Sunday, 19 January 2020

Drama Queen: Crash Landing On You ;First Impression

So I’m writing this as I wait for the latest episode of “Crash Landing on You” to air on Netflix. 

Here are my first impressions of this drama. 

Basically, this drama is quite unlike other dramas with North Korean people and setting. Majority of the drama is set in and taking place in North Korea which is way more than other dramas. Plus I feel that the North Korean accents used by the actors and actresses in this drama are quite authentic compared to prior dramas that I’ve watched. I guess they must have put in effort finding someone to train them in using the accent and the actors and actresses probably worked really hard to get the right accent. 

It’s really interesting to see how things are portrayed in North Korea and although it may not be 100% accurate, it’s quite nice to view things in a different setting from the usual typical Korean drama. Of course, the plot… still seems really cliche so far. I hope they don’t disappoint with the ending. 

Of course, I should have waited for the whole drama to air completely before starting on it but no regrets starting on it early. Just the weekly waiting for the episode to air… That’s really painful. 

Any thoughts on this drama so far? 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Krave: Great Barrier Relief & Beet The Sun ♥︎

For the longest time, I've wanted to try products from Krave after hearing good things about their sunblock but the shipping was not very favourable. Finally, they launched their global website with more affordable shipping so I went ahead to get some products. 
Krave Beauty
Great Barrier Relief
Beet The Sun 

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Jukebox #86: Birthday ♥︎

I must say, I've been looking forward to Somi's debut since watching her on "Unnies" so I'm glad her debut is finally here and glad that it's not disappointing. 

The song is catchy and quite addictive! After a few listens, it was already playing in my head on repeat. Usually, songs that are more successful tend to have that addictive trait. 

The theme of the song/MV had this very cool/chic vibe that suited Somi very well. It really related and represented her character. It had more of a YG vibe than a JYP vibe actually. Is that why she changed companies? :/

Although there were many controversies surrounding her solo debut and well people hating on her for not singing the song at her debut showcase, I'll give it to her that this song isn't all that easy to do live! Anyway, do give this song a listen and show some support for Somi! 

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Laneige: Lip Sleeping Mask ♥︎

Lately, I’ve been having very very dry lips. Even after applying lip balm, my lips tend to peel and it gets rather itchy and uncomfortable. I tried many different methods to prevent this from happening but none of them seem to work. Little did I realise the solution was actually sitting on my dressing table.
Lip Sleeping Mask

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Drama Queen: Forgotten ♥

Chinese New Year. Time of celebration and also time for movie marathons at relatives homes. We usually watch either Chinese movies or English movies but this year, with the strong recommendation from my sister, we watched a Korean movie titled Forgotten, 기억의밤

When I first heard that it was a thriller, I wasn't very keen on watching it but when I saw that it was staring Kang Haneul, I got myself comfy on the sofa and decided to continue with the show. 

It's starts out like a normal Korean drama but right from the beginning, there were many scenes that made you question what was going on and of course scenes that were obviously there just to give viewers a shock. Halfway through the movie, there were too many questions formed, I decided to search out the story plot and read it, just in case we had to leave before completing the movie. 

The story plot found online itself was so confusing. Thankfully we managed to finish the movie and all my questions were answered. So I give it to the screenwriter for wrapping up the entire plot up nicely for us. I would've hated it if they built it up to a peak only for it to have a flat ending. 

I would say the ending for this movie was a little unexpected, not really a full twist but it did make me go, "What? Like that also can!". So I wouldn't classify it as a boring movie that totally wasted my time. However, I did feel that the shock scenes were one too many especially halfway through the movie. But I guess it's a thriller... So the main purpose of the movie is to give thrill seeking movie goers what they paid for? 

On the whole, I wouldn't say I loved this movie or hated it but it wasn't a bad one. The ending was a little sad to be honest but can't picture it ending in another way. 

Do check this movie out! ♥